Struggle Session to tour Spain & Morocco

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Beijing fastcore act Struggle Session is heading overseas this Friday for a week of shows across Morocco and Spain. The band is only a year old but have been turning heads across China with their impressive live shows and unique blend of grindcore, deathcore, and 80’s hardcore-punk; pretty much everything -core! The tour coincides with the release of a new split 12″ on Genjing Records. Be sure to check out the split online and some crazy footage of their live shows here.

7/21Boultek [Casablanca, MOROCCO]
7/22Cercle Culturel du Bathae [Meknes, MOROCCO]
7/24La Guarida Del Angel [Jerez de la Frontera, SPAIN]
7/25Wurlitzer Ballroom [Madrid, SPAIN]
7/26 — TBA [Barcelona, SPAIN]
7/27AVV Arrebato [Zaragoza, SPAIN]
7/28CSA La Residencia [Valencia, SPAIN]
7/29Punk Hardcore Playa Festival [Almeria, SPAIN]