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Genjing & QiiSnacks Release New Split 12″

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The new 12″ vinyl from Genjing & QiiSnacks Records is a co-release for both the bands and the labels. First, it’s a split between two of the most exciting new hardcore-punk bands in the country; Beijing’s Struggle Session and Guangzhou’s Die!ChiwawaDie!, but not only that, the release is a pairing of two labels at the forefront of China’s DIY scene. So maybe then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that both bands were formed by the heads of their respective labels and that this sort of colaboration is in their DNA.

QiiSnacks’ founder, Xiao Ji, plays guitar for Die!ChiwawaDie!, shreading a noisey, indie-tinged hardcore reminisent of Melt Banana or Ging Nang Boyz. They bring an intensity to bear that belies their claim that they’ll “never be a hardcore band.” On the flip side, Struggle Session draws more directly from their “all things -core” influences for a sound that feels equaly at home among punk, metal, or hardcore acts. Check out the new split 12″ now online and pick up your copy today.