Friend From A Big City Radio, Episode #29: The Impossible City

Host Zach Silva shares a mix of Cantopop, Japanese shoegaze, and new releases from elsewhere in the world.


  1. “Hinoki Wood”, Gia Margaret, Romantic Piano
  2. “Peach”, Future Islands, People Who Aren’t There Anymore
  3. “Monica”, Leslie Cheung, 哥哥的歌
  4. “Leave Me Alone”, New Order, Power Corruption and Lies
  5. “Sun Drop”, Bald Rapunzel, Diazepam
  6. “Them Us You Me”, No Buses, Them Us You Me Single
  7. “After School for You”, kinoue64, Shiawase ni Kurasone
  8. “Glass Moth I & II”, White Wave, Whimsy
  9. “CIS1”, Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band, Ireland
  10. “Under Our Pillows”, The Smile, Wall of Eyes
  11. “La langue de l’amitie”, Gia Margaret, Romantic Piano

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