EKSAS: A Struggle Between You And The City


Originally published on Genjing Records

Roaming around on the streets of Dongcheng District, your eyes glance back and forth between the shops and the flowing crowd. The summer heat in Beijing has almost evaporated your patience and driven you crazy and bored. Suddenly, by chance, you turn your head to the right and notice something on the other side of the street. A bright splash of color on a tightly closed rolling door draws your attention and puts an end to your restless steps. “It looks like an English word”, you murmur to yourself. To get a clearer vision, you cross the non-stopping traffic to the other side and finally recognize the word, “EKSAS”.

Still you don’t give it much thought and just continue on, however, once you’ve seen it a whole new world starts to open up and you begin to notice it everywhere. It’s on the broken walls of a construction site, the high voltage box standing in the middle of the sidewalk, it’s even on the archways of a bridge. “EKSAS” is everywhere! You begin to wonder who is “EKSAS”? Who is this person whose name is written all over the city?

Then you see the cover for the new Deadly Cradle Death / The Telescopes split 7” and learn that that’s EKSAS too! While international conspiracies of noise / art terror bloom in your mind we, the street wondering insomniacs of Genjing Records, are here to provide answers. We rendezvoused with this prolific street-writer to talk about graffiti, writing in both Beijing and New York and his recent foray into cover design. Get the whole scoop and you’re own copy of the 7” after the jump.


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