Zoomin’ Night


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They love giving impromptu shows on Tuesday nights. They love playing in unconventional configurations. They love making sounds out of anything they can carry onto the stage. They love unpredictable musical performances. They love making one song constantly became another. They love the Zoomin’ Night. Zoomin’ Night – the name of a song by P.K. 14 – is also a series of shows of experimental music / noise rock held every Tuesday at D-22 in Beijing. It was inspired by other experimental music series such as the Waterland Kwanyin, Sugar Jar Sunday Listening and Sheng Dong Ji Xi. Reflecting the type of music they create, most of the Zoomin’ Night participants are creative and young musicians. They arrange sounds, start new bands and re-group constantly. They have found a home at D-22 and profess to draw their inspiration from Beijing’s energetic cacophony. In January 2010, Yang Haisong came to D-22 to record all their live shows that month. Most of the bands recorded were newly formed in 2009. Maybe Mars selected 9 songs from the recordings, putting them into a compilation. Additionally, buyers can download 32 additional tracks with a download code enclosed in each CD. On November 19-20, 2010 the premiere of this compilation album was held at D-22. There were 8 groups of performers including: noise rock, psychedelic rock, post-punk, minimalism, improvisation, and synthesizer music. Most of the performers are included in this album. The Zoomin’ Night on November 23th was the official “after party” for the premiere: five young musicians who took part in the album gave a personal solo performance, ranging from classical music to atmospheric experimental, and from minimal electronic music to industrial jazz.

Released: Nov 19, 2010

Formats: CD + Download

Tracks: 42 songs