We Can’t Help Kissing Each Other


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After published their debut album last year, they had published new album We can’t help kissing each other in the end of 2008. The latter one was more mature and open minded, more fluent and beautifully sounded. There were many choices on choosing songs, like the Migratory bird which was traditionally tuned but full of outbreak power, the Music from the Womb which was electronic blurred , the Mahatma which opened with the origin tune of the comic Havoc in Heaven, the Who which was played by tirelessly piano, Farewell let’s never meet again which was sad and downturn, exploded, Little flowers which was warm and played by an acoustic guitar. The ten beautiful songs had shown their unique ideas about instruments. Independent and so warm, which continued the caring temperament of Low Wormwood. The poetic lyrics were blue and sensitive. Absolutely, lyrics were always the important part that they valued. Some more mature composed passages made their expressions more powerful and beautiful, but not deliberately luxuriant. The whole album focused on the individuals’ feelings in the changing environment, about some hope and despair, loss and obtaining, when the music developed as movies, you may feel familiar with some plots or have been experienced before. When the once radical angry rock’n roll music intends to become some consumer goods for idealism, their faltering monologue under emotions would enter your heart as an outstanding one among them. The new album had taken 6 months from choosing songs, recording in studio and to downmix. The former part was done by the experienced sound engineer Yuan Tianfeng from Lanzhou. And the latter part was firstly made by him then the more experienced mixer Dou Tiemin dealt with the post production and mix of the master tape. It was particularly important to deal with the unique samplings and effects. It was also because of the contemplation of the band and sound engineer, they decided to deepen the integral atmosphere of the songs that appear in the record. The harmonica and harmony were all played by friends, who had tried their best. They made the album more excellent. It can be said that the whole album was elaboratly produced by all the people who take a part in.

Released: Dec 24, 2008

Formats: CD

Tracks: 10 songs