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Duck Fight Goose are a Shanghai-based supergroup, formed in 2009. They refuse all kinds of sadness and play funny games with their instruments. They were influenced mainly by themselves. They blended traditional-rock, experimental-rock and electronic music into a swinging and swagging yet psychedelic experience. They are incredibly new. January 30th, 2010, they performed as support act for BCR’s release party for their new record Except for the Darkness at Yuyintang. December 27th, they won the title of Band of the Year and Best Album Packaging/ Cover Art awarded at the 2010 Shanghai Grammys by the Cityweekend Shanghai. In 2011, they named by The Guardian as one of the six most promising sound all over the world. With their first EP, “FLOW”, they created layers upon layers of sound, combining modern ambient post-rock with driving, 70’s prog-rock riffs. A year later, they signed with Maybe Mars Records, and have released their first full-length album, entitled “SPORTS”. In this album, DFG use multiple instruments to create their own sound space, describing dark images of cities, sports, the future, and more.

Released: Dec 15, 2011

Formats: CD

Tracks: 11 songs