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Arguably, the 1950’s was the greatest decade of music the world has ever seen and that (obviously subjective) opinion probably isn’t going to change amongst vinyl heads and musicologists from Memphis to Mombassa: rock n’ roll, country, R&B. Doesn’t matter what it was, if it dropped in the 50’s, it was probably hot shit. Elvis and rockabilly lead that charge though and the literally endless amount of rockabilly bands and artists from the era, both popular and obscure are almost uniformly fantastic in one way or another. The rockabilly revival in the 80’s (both purist and the punk-inflected hybrid psychobilly, lead by bands like The Cramps) has been paying tribute to that decade and those artists ever since, which brings us to 2014, where the global appeal of rockabilly stretches across continents and cultures that couldn’t be more removed from each other in a traditional sense. Beijing’s Rolling Bowling and Madrid’s 13 Bats are proof positive of this ever evolving genre’s longevity, as evidenced on Genjing Records first dalliance into the whiskey soaked realm of contemporary rockabilly. Caught (collectively) somewhere between the rollicking sound of certain post Sun Records luminaries and the rebellious, punk influenced riffs blasting from so many Southern California muscle cars circa right the hell now, both Rolling Bowling and 13 Bats weave dense, creatively barbed webs of swing, ska and psychobilly into the sound of a split single fans of rockabilly literally anywhere will gobble up faster than the bar nuts they consider dinner between shots of rye on a Tuesday night. So, pull the cork, strap on some headphones and drop the needle; this timeless piece of sonic ephemera is for leather clad lifers and pomade slathered, delinquent millennials, alike – a 33rpm, 7″ dream come true.

Released: April 28, 2015

Formats: 7

Tracks: 4 songs