Mirror In Mirror

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Skip Skip Ben Ben is back with their latest long-player Mirror In Mirror, a long swirl down the drain-hole of lucid dream consciousness. All gauze guitar and big-room drums, Mirror In Mirror’s sound is vintage ’90s dropout rock, backgrounding vocalist Ben Ben’s inimitable falsetto rasp. Lyrically, Mirror In Mirror is Ben Ben continuing on her anesthetized trip through emotional id after emotional id, finding meaning in the darkest corners of consciousness then losing it in the light. Redemption as chemical, Faustian trade. As she belts to her self-reflexive subject on “8oul”: “I can’t feel my soul / you can keep my soul.” The title track, “Mirror In Mirror”, flips the whole thing into a carnival waltz, hurtling along on a slow-motion carousel populated by “things that don’t exist, or maybe things that night after night after night can’t sleep.” The wonky lounge vibes spill over into the next track, “Over”, where a lifted Sinatra riff jams its way jaggedly into the somnambulant soundscape, Ben Ben continuing her pitiless narration: “Jane is getting high, she’s not coming back / … / who cares if the sunrise doesn’t shine?” Mirror In Mirror is about solitude and soul, medication and meditation. Ben Ben reaches her most poignant pitch on the album’s standout track “Do the R”, where she struggles to resolve universal love with the mundanity of the everyday: “You, Me, He and the world are all a single golden line / Quit the boring work, violence inflicted by words, chains built by desire / Why do you want to give up so easily?”

Released: Dec 28, 2015

Formats: LP, CD

Tracks: 9 songs