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Muscle Snog released their debut live recording, an EP entitled “Meng Noise – Live @ 4live Shanghai”, in October 2007. This record’s Lo-Fi sound quality perfectly recorded their abnormal live attitude and vitality. Two years later, in 2009, Muscle Snog launched their first studio album, Mind Shop, in coordination with Maybe Mars and Miniless Records.

This strange little band from Shanghai originally boasted a line up of three members — Maimai, Fan Xiaoruo and Hei Xiongmao. In their early shows, Maimai’s lo-fi, rough-and-tumble guitar screamed of Sonic Youth, while Fan Xiaoruo’s synth threw in a strikingly different flavor – frenetic, zany, even hallucinatory. And while Hei Xiongmao’s guitar parts were certainly not lacking in extremes, his stylistic restraint gave a perfect balance to the band’s overall sound. While they initially performed with a drum machine, the arrival of bassist 33 and drummer Zhong Ke changed the band for the better, forever. Originally hailing from the Shanghai group 33 Islands (and still the heart and soul of the one-and-only Boojii Band), 33’s feverish guitar cast an undeniable veil of mystery over their live performances. Before Zhong Ke joined the group, he was the drummer (and guitarist) in Top Floor Circus; now he’s known as one of the craziest drummers in Shanghai. Ever since these two underground Titans joined the group, Muscle Snog’s line up and style have been as dynamic as the times – even during periods of densely scheduled shows, no two performances sound exactly the same.

Their early music often drew from Noise Rock, Shoegaze, No Wave and Post Rock, and owing to this influence, Muscle Snog has evolved into something above and beyond your average indie rock band. Delve into their unique sonic fabric and you’ll hear untamed intervals, tempestuous time changes, mystifying words and phrases all strung together into this beautiful, enigmatic work of art. When Muscle Snog takes the stage, you never know what you’re gonna get — some nights it’ll be face-melting rock, others it’ll be mind-bending avant-garde. And at times like these, you’ll barely believe you’re hearing the same band.

Released: Aug 1, 2009

Formats: CD

Tracks: 11 songs