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Under the influence in the 60’s free jazz, Kiyasu Orchestra was formed in 2004 by frontman Ryosuke Kiyasu. He is also the found member of noise/grind band Sete Star Sept, play snare drum solo set, and play drums for Keiji Haino’s legend group Fushitsusha.

Cosmo(2016) is Kiyasu Orchestra’s debut album, after formed in 12 years. Cosmo was recorded in two days session, May 24 (The Beginning, Murder in the Dance) and June 9 (other songs), at Koenji Studio DOM.

The band released the CD version by themselves, and Zoomin’ Night released the cassette version.

ANIKI Tomonori (Trumpet)
tsubatics (Bass)
Kouichi Kidoura (Guitar)
Ryosuke Kiyasu (Drums)

Photo by Aoi Yoshimura and Sean Lee

Art work by Sean Lee.

Released: Nov 18, 2016

Formats: Tape

Tracks: 8 songs