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Did Alpine Decline’s latest album, INK, emerge from the pollution clouds of Beijing or from the bottom of a murky sea? The opening track, “The Cuttlefish and Its Ink,” suggests the latter, imploring you with a simple descending theme that is positively swallowed by a warm black blast of synthesizers fed through a chain of tape echoes. On this, their 6th album, Alpine Decline have ditched the drums and guitars and brought forward dense layers of wheezing oscillators, decaying tapes wowing and futtering, and filtered washes of white noise — sounds that on previous records served as a landscape around a ripping rock band now stretching out and rattling the windows with wider frequencies. INK is the culmination of a series of synthesizer/tape machine/vocal performances in 2013 at Xiaoping in the heart of the PRC capitol metropolis. Recorded live in the band’s home on the eastern outskirts of the city, INK is like looking (or rather, listening) to Alpine Decline through a prism that has split their elements apart. In places we are lost in the toxic fog, and suddenly the band’s deep songwriting emerges in a listing melody and a precise lyric — no more so than on the album’s centerpiece “Keep Saying It’s OK” — a ten minute skip along an irregular heartbeat with JZ’s imploring vocals sweeping down from above. This seven track vinyl-only release stands apart from Alpine Decline’s previous albums in its tone and character (not to mention its instrumentation), but present still is the sense that you are not listening to a band but entering a different world — or at the very least leaving this one. ALPINE DECLINE is: jz – vocals & guitar pz – drums, vocals & synth All songs written by Alpine Decline except: No Sadness, No Joy written by alpine decline + yang haisong Produced by Yang Haisong All music recorded live to tape at B604, Beijing Vocals recorded at Psychic Kong, Beijing Master by Garrett Haines (Treelady, USA) Art by Liu Lu Layout by Pascaline Warsky

Released: July 1, 2016

Formats: LP

Tracks: 7 songs