How Damn Far To YinMa Lane?


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8 Eye Spy’s original members knew each other from the internet, of course there are some stories… anyway, in between August and September 2007, they four started to practice together and play gigs. In their own words, means they are hidden in the daily life and ready to show those people who they are dealing with. Their inspiration is from every where, a sentence, a rhythm, a clip from a movie, a melody, or any random sound that you heard on the street, etc. Everything can have influence on them, they kept those in their body, and will become their inspirations when the right time comes. Everything can be the band’s inspiration, a sentence, a piece of rhythm, a film clip, a section of melody or a casual sound listened from the street, etc. Anything pass by will influence on them and stored by their bodies. When the time comes, those will become so called inspiration. “How Damn Far To YinMa Lane?” is their debut after the band started for 2 years. It produced by the famous band P.K.14’s vocal Yang Haisong and published by Maybe Noise of Maybe Mars. They think it’s a concept album, it tells a story about a person’s life from birth to death. Of course, the band hopes everyone can have different understandings about this album. Not the same as the other Chinese rock records, they didn’t talk about youth in their album, they started from the end of the youth. Produced by Yang Haisong (from P.K.14)

Released: Dec 10, 2009

Formats: CD

Tracks: 12 songs