Holey Brain

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Power trio Birdstriking return with a bang as a three guitar quintet! Produced by Ricky Maymi (The Brian Jonestown Massacre/The Imajinary Friends) along with respected Beijing producer/engineer Li Ping. ‘Holey Brain’ expands on their unique blend of post-punk/shoegaze/grunge rock, while retaining their signature style. The first pressing of the vinyl LP is housed in a limited edition deluxe package, which will not be re-created for subsequent pressings. Highly recommended for anyone who loves their debut LP ‘Birdstriking’ (available world-wide through A Recordings) as well as fans of P.K. 14 and Carsick Cars. Available on vinyl LP/CD/Digital Download

Released: Oct 13, 2017

Formats: LP / CD

Tracks: 9 songs