Flight Of Delusion


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Guai Li is a punk rock band that ardently loves beautiful music. The band’s name comes from a Chinese saying “guai li luan shen”. It refers to something that happens that can’t be explained by science. Guai Li’s history can be traced back to 2005. At that time, Wen Jun, He YiFan (bass), Liu Yue (guitar) and original drummer Yang Fan established the band ‘The Dirty Ones’ which eventually became Guai Li. Yang Fan left the band within a year. In 2006, Wen Jun settled in Wuhan and established AV Okubo with Xu Sheng and Lu Yan. After a show, Wen Jun and Xu Sheng left Wuhan and moved north to Beijing, where they changed the band’s name to Guai Li. Later, the experienced rocker Shi Xudong – who has played in many seminal Chinese rock bands for years – joined and completed Guai Li’s lineup. Every member in the band has their own preference in music. Each one brings different elements to the songs. Wen Jun likes noisy and weird music. Liu Yue is into new indie rock. Xu Sheng prefers traditional rock and pop music. He Yifan is deeply influenced by post punk, while Shi Xudong listens to original punk music and hardcore. The band isn’t confused by their members’ varied tastes in music, instead they draw inspiration from them and try to blend everyone’s uniqueness together. Sometimes, they are motivated by someone’s experience in daily life. When writing songs, the other band members will often try to break down the elements of the original inspiring feeling in order to create a new impression and include everyone’s thinking into it. Sometimes, the five band members jam together and come up with a new song. As their name indicates, Guai Li people love mysterious and inexplicable things, like ghosts, witchcraft, the universe, white noise and attraction. Guai Li’s music and playing style are just like their name, weird but full of inexpressible charm. Guai Li and famous producer Fang Wuxing cooperated in the band’s debut album Flight of Delusion. The album was released in September, 2010. At the same time, the band toured China for their debut album release.

Released: Sept 1, 2010

Formats: CD

Tracks: 11 songs