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Welcome. Produced by Maybe Mars Records, this is AV Okubo’s second structure of luxurious taste. We specially present to you the album Dynasty.

A 1200 square meter digital sandtable revealed that before the year 2020, one 200 square kilometer city will become a flickering blue diode, like a dream come true and a silly fantasy, and will become the high-end home of Blade Runner, setting the scene for the Internet and Facebook, holding on to large silver coins so that they may become rich, traveling to Korea to have plastic surgery done, messing with his beautiful appearance – this is simply not a thing. In front of the disemboweled city, its wide bones drawn out by liposuction, do not worry about risks because nobody is concerned about the future.

This album was produced by the esteemed Andy Gill, guitarist for legendary post-punk band Gang of Four. Everyone had a pleasant time in the studio. Andy has said of AV Okubo: “AV Okubo are very focused, and enjoy immersing themselves in the music. Of course, a lot of people are concerned about the views and different elements of the music. In my opinion, they can be regarded as a young pop culture banner carrier, their idea is not in the general sense of a rock band, and their music hangs unconventional, which also contributed to the reason I made music for them. “

AV Okubo start strong by covering the famous song “To Hell With Poverty”, only now, they have achieved their dream by working with their idol. Andy wrote a song called “Mad Men”, which, yes, we think is partially indebted to the drama. The album has a song called “Uncle” with a Lang Lang melody, mouth filled with honey. Finally, they also borrowed Togawa’s “Red Tank”, about a young shy and impulsive boy, in addition to inheriting the aesthetics of violence outside Togawa, not within himself.

Nonsense attitudes on the environment are now a failed joke, which makes the album a little tragic to listen to. They built their own spaceship with enough fuel to go streaking across the universe in gold body glitter, stars sway. In fact, the expression of this nonsense can not stop desire. Dynasty will always help those who want it – you are welcome. As to why we chose this theme, difficult people can not be demolished.


Released: April 19, 2014

Formats: CD

Tracks: 9 songs