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Boyz&Girl is a four piece shoegaze outfit out of Taipei that quickly raced to the forefront of Taipei’s fast growing independent music scene – and for good reason. The completion of their warmly received eponymous freshman album has cemented their place in the hearts of a devoted fan base. Though Shoegaze is hardly a new phenomenon, Boyz&Girl has found a contemporary home in the genre, largely in part to their fresh sounds and mature songwriting. The raucous yet dreamy guitars of Jon, pieced masterfully with Sonoko’s artistic drumming and Guo Guo’s steady basslines, creates an impeccable balance with the juvenile youth and innocence discovered through BenBen’s vocals. This becomes more the apparent at their live shows, where one can only look upon their boldness with wonder and amazement.

Released: May 19, 2010

Formats: CD

Tracks: 11 songs