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Beautiful art print by Shanghai’s IdleBeats combines a sampling of the original Chinese manga from the 80s, together with ocean-wave-like fur texture, as well as photo captures of secret characters. During printing Nini also experimented hand-blend gold powder(flame part), and brush-painted gray strokes within the black layer. So each print is half-painted and has its very own unique look! 3-layer screen print with 2-layer hand painting, 47x66cm art paper in an edition of 100. All copies hand-printed, signed, and numbered by the artist herself at IdleBeats Shanghai. Unique elements introduced through the hand-printing process make no two prints exactly the same. Posters ship inside paper tube.

Artist: Nini Sum
Edition Size: 100
Screen Print Size: 47x66cm
Number of Colors: 3 + 2
Paper: 300gsm Spotted White Paper
Released: Sept 2, 2014