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Beijing duo the Dyne have developed a reputation for stirring capital city crowds to life with their laconic brand of minimal surf rock cool. Much like the palms and waves that the band conjures up with their tremolo-heavy riffs, the pair’s music is a bold statement unique in its ability to be forceful yet restrained, brimming with tension and smooth as a moon-kissed breeze. With it’s shimmering guitars and bubbling bassline structured by crisp percussion work, the instrumental “Swim” glides along like a hot rod on a starless night, seductive, deadly and ready to pounce. On the flipside, “Fly Roots” showcases the pair’s theory that vocals are best used sparingly, in this case, as another tool in the duo’s melodic toolbox, one that neatly accentuates that atmospheric, cascading tremolo and abrupt tempo changes marked by crisp percussive work. Recorded over a weekend in Nov 2012 with acclaimed Genjing Records producer Yang Haisong, Swim. Fly Roots triumphantly emphasizes that Beijing’s musicians are spearheading an East Asian creative renaissance. “We’re currently in the era of a new enlightenment,” guitarist/bassist Si Yunge cooly remarked from behind his trademark shades. “We hope that more and more people will learn more about what we’re doing here in China.”

Si Yunge – Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Bai Tianke – Percussion / Vocals

Released: April 20, 2013

Formats: 7

Tracks: 2 songs